How to install a Window Air Conditioner

How to Install a Window Air Conditioner?

Are you living in an area of severe heat and hot summers?

If yes then must try to stay inside your home during the day time because of harsh heat factor. But it will only be a good option if you have a good air conditioner at home. In case if you don`t has a good cooling system in place then you won`t is able to enjoy your home stay as well. If you have an air conditioning system in place, its good, but if you don`t have then you should go for window air conditioners. The reason is that it is an effective solution of keeping your home cooler during hot summers, and that too without bearing the hefty expense of central air conditioning system. The window A/C is quick to install so you can install it easily during summers and can also remove easily when the temperature drops a little. Following are the steps that are involved in installing window air conditioner and following these steps can make the whole process very easy for you.

Decide about the space to be cooled

When you visit the market, you can see that the window air conditioners are available in various sizes and have different cooling abilities. So before you select a specific unit for your home, you need to decide about the rooms, area or size of space you want to cool. Now first thing you have to do is to measure the overall space that need to be cooled, once you get the measurement, use it for purchasing a window air conditioner accordingly. One more thing that you need to take care of is that the unit you are purchasing should have fire safety. Window air conditioner can block way out. So in case there may be fire, there should be a safe way to exit.

Decide about the space to be cooled
Decide about the space to be cooled

Energy Efficiency

When you visit the market for the purchase of window air conditioner you must check it energy efficiency rating. The ratings range is between 8 to 11.5. All the window air conditioning units that have an energy efficiency rating of more than 9 are good for saving your utility costs. Most of these units also offer you the features like, sleep setting, variable speed and digital control, with all these features available it will be an added advantage for you in conserving energy. At the time of purchase you may find these air conditioners bit expensive than others, but over the period of time, it is worth the expense.

Installing your window air conditioner

Installing a window air conditioner is not an easy task for individual, so you must have a friend around you who can help you with this installation. Window air conditioning unit is mostly very heavy so it is also difficult to handle these individually.  You require someone`s help, who can help you in installation process and preventing any chances of damaging the appliance.

If you have double hung windows installed in your house, then installing the unit will become much easier. In some cases you may also require extension for your window to fit the model of your A/C. Some window air conditioners do have a window attachment support. So if you buy one with these brackets, then you must install these first before starting unit installation. One thing that you have to be very sure off is, to read the window air conditioning manual before you start any sort of installation process. It will provide you a great help in moving towards the right direction with your installation process.

Installing window air conditioner becomes an easy task if you follow the guide line provided by the manufacturer. First of all you should lift the lower window pane and position the A/C unit on the windowsill. Then after placing it in the windowsill, you should use the extension to block additional window space. Mostly these window air conditioners are slightly outside of window so if there is any condensation it can be drain away. On the other hand there are few windows A/Cs that can sit perfectly level in your window because they are designed in specific way.

Installing your window air conditioner
Installing your window air conditioner

You should fix the air conditioner on to the support and also lower pane should be placed on appliance so it gets fixed in its position. Most of the units also offer you the proper fixation of upper pane; because it ensures that your unit will not move now. After fixing panes, you should lock the extensions. Now to have proper sealing, you can use caulking for outside window and weatherstripping for sealing inside of window. In case you have a window that cannot get proper covering even with extensions, then you should use some board for sealing the extra space.

Power the unit

One thing that you have to be sure is that installing window air conditioner can be an expensive option because it consumes a lot of energy, it require proper power source, so you must connect it to circuit to fulfill its energy requirement. In case if you connect your window air conditioner to the same circuit that is providing high power to other appliances as well, then you may face problem. Further if a cord is required to provide power, then it should be the shortest possible. You should also be very much careful of the filter cleanness; it should be done after every six months, to maintain the optimal operating.

Removing Air Conditioner

In case if you have properly sealed your air conditioner in window, then it can remain there for many years. But, if you need your window space during the year then you can easily remove your window air conditioner and place it in store and use your window space. You just have to detach it from the support and remove it, but it cannot be done without a helping hand. Make sure that you have collect all the hardware support and place the unit in dry place. Otherwise it may get damaged because of moisture.

Removing Air Conditioner
Removing Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners are a convenient way to keep the rooms in the house cool and refreshed without the hassle and expense of installing a central air system. They are very practical all year round as they are easy to install in the summer and remove in the winter. Our easy guide will make installing a window air conditioner effortless.

Decide on which rooms need to be cooled

Window air conditioners come in different sizes and cooling capacities, you will need to decide on how big of a space you would like to be cooled. Note, it is very important that the right size window air conditioner fits in the right size window opening. Make sure when choosing the location for the window air conditioner that it does not block and exits in case of a fire in that room there must be an exit to get out safely.

Energy Efficiency

Window air conditioner units have energy efficiency ratings that are between 8 and 11.5. Selecting a unit with a rating above 9 will help save utility costs, also investing in a window air conditioner that is fitted with a digital control that can adjust sleep settings and speed will also conserve energy. These units will be a bit higher in price but a great investment in the long run.


Installing Your Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners can be heavy to handle alone, have a second pair of hands to help you so the unit does not fall and get damaged. Make sure to carefully read the instructions provided by the window air conditioner manufacturer before attempting to do any work. Now coming onto the type of window that you will be installing the unit in, if your window is double-hung the window air conditioner will the easy to install. If the unit you purchased does not already have the window extensions installed then you will need to install that first. Different types of window air conditioners have various window attachment supports, if your unit also has these brackets, then they will need to be positioned correctly before installing the unit.

Lift the lower window pane and carefully position the window air conditioner onto the windowsill. Move the extension parts on both sides to close of the extra window space. Depending on the type of unit you have purchased the positioning may be different, some window air conditioners are designed to sit level in the window and some are fairly to the outside, so condensation can drain away. Make sure to read the instructions to clarify how to position the unit in the window.

Once the air conditioner has been attached to the supports, lower the pane onto the unit to secure into position. Make sure the upper pane is also secure so that the unit does not move, then lock the extensions into place.

Weatherstripping will be best to use to seal the window air conditioner into the inside of the window. Once the unit has been sealed inside of the window apply caulking to seal outside of the window. If there are any spaces that the extensions have not filled due to an odd window shape then you will need to use a board to seal off an extra space.

Powering Your Unit

Make sure your circuit has enough power to power the window air conditioner as they can expend a lot of energy but you may face problems if you are also providing power to other appliances that need high levels of energy. Every six months to maintain best operating and efficiency levels make sure to remove and clean the filter.

Removing Your Air Conditioner

To uninstall your window air conditioner you will need a helping hand. Start of by removing the window air conditioner from the support and take it off from the window space. Make sure to keep all of the hardware contained. Keep the window air conditioner in a dry place to not get damage from moisture.

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