Sharp TV Troubleshooting – Fix it Now

Troubleshooting your Sharp TV has no difference from troubleshooting any other television. You just need to identify the source of the problem and fix this problem. The basic procedures are the same procedures for most TV. However, Sharp TV has a unique configuration for its televisions which allow you to access them.

Before you begin, be familiar with the buttons of the Sharp remote control. Especially pay attention to the Menu button which has access the more practical settings.

Sharp TV Problems and Solutions:

ProblemPossible solution
No power.Turn on (I) the MAIN POWER switch on the left side of the TV
Check if you pressed ON/OFF on the remote control unit. If the indicator on the TV lights up red, press ON/OFF.
Is the AC cord disconnected?
Check if you pressed ON/OFF on the TV.
The TV cannot be operated.External influences such as lightning, static electricity, etc., may cause improper operation. In this case, operate the TV after first turning off the power, or unplugging the AC cord and re-plugging it in after one or two minutes.
Remote control unit does not operate.Are batteries inserted with polarity (+,-) aligned?
Are batteries worn out? (Replace with new batteries.)
Are you using it under strong or fluorescent lighting?
Is a fluorescent light illuminating to the remote control sensor?
Picture is cut off.Is the image position correct?
Are screen mode adjustments (WIDE MODE) such as picture size made correctly?
Strange colour, light colour, or dark colour, or colour misalignment.Adjust the picture tone.
Is the room too bright? The picture may look dark in a room that is too bright.
Check the “Colour system” setting
Power is suddenly turned off.The TV’s internal temperature has increased. Remove any objects blocking the vent or clean.
Is the “Sleep timer” set? Select “Off” from the “Sleep timer” menu
Is “No signal off” or “No operation off” activated?
No picture.Are connections to external equipment correct?
Is the input signal type selected correctly after connection?
Is the correct input source selected?
Is a non-compatible signal being input?
Is the picture adjustment correct?
Is the antenna connected properly?
Is “On” selected in “Audio only”?
No sound.Is the volume too low?
Make sure that headphones are not connected.
Check if you pressed MUTE on the remote control unit.
Is the proper item selected in the “PC audio select” menu when connecting devices to the HDMI 2 terminal or the EXT 4 terminal?
The TV sometimes makes a cracking sound.This is not a malfunction. This happens when the cabinet slightly expands and contracts according to changes in temperature. This does not affect the TV’s performance.


Sharp TV Remote Control Meaning
Sharp TV Remote Control Meaning

Power Issues

If your screen does not display a picture, be sure thar power connection from the power source to the AC input terminal on the left of the screen in the back connects well.

Accidental Standby Mode

Sharp monitors have a feature named Adjusment Lock which allows you to disable the power switch. Press your remote control unit’s Size button for about five seconds and Access this feature. Then press Right to view the on-screen menu which displays th Adjustment Lock Menu item. Press the menu’s arrow keys until the value next to that item changes to Off.

Rising Temperatures

When temperature changes, your monitor makes a crackling sound, and this noise is pretty normal. However, If you see the word Temperature on your screen and your monitor enters standbye mode, the power Led will flash green and red lights. If this happens, move your monitor away from everything which may covering its vents. If there is nothing blocking the vents, turn the power switch off and back on again. Also, dust which exist inside of the monitor may cause overheating. If you suspect that dust may be the problem here, contact your Sharp representative for instructions to remove the dust. High temperatures may also be the cause of the monitor’s brightness to decrease and the words “Auto Dimming” to appear on the screen.

Incorrect Input Mode

Sharp LCD monitors usually have many sockets into which you can connect external devices.

Sharp TV Remote Control Meaning
Sharp TV Remote Control Meaning

How to Reset a Sharp TV?

  1. Go to “MENU” > “Setup” > “Reset”.
  2. Press </> to select “Yes”, and then press OK. “Now, TV will restart automatically, OK?” displays on the screen.
  3. Press </> to select “Yes”, and then press OK. “Now initialising…” displays on the screen and blinks. After the reset has completed, the power shuts off and then comes back on. The screen will have returned to its original settings.
Remote Control For Sharp TV
Remote Control For Sharp TV

Sharp TV UA6800X Series User Manual PDF

Sharp TV PNUH601 70 Operation Manual PDF



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17 thoughts on “Sharp TV Troubleshooting – Fix it Now”

  1. Sometimes the tv do turn on an it has 1 pencil vertical line on the l/h side and a lot of horizontal lines on the fv that is faded but you can still watch the tv. Now the tv on light comes on but it is darn and no picture the tv stop working

  2. My Sharp TV has a frozen screen on the last show I watched. The audio works fine. Model number is LC-19SB24U, serial number is 708916571. It is quite old and I’m sure it’s had it’s time but thought I would write to ask.

  3. Bought tv on 27/09/20 All up and running but remote control unit has problems. On/Off button never fails but every other button takes 4 – 5 tries and eventually works after taking batteries out and putting back in. How do I request new remote control unit as batteries are new and even bought MORE just in case ones supplied were faulty.

  4. My tv has no picture, black screen. It was working fine yestday. Can you help. Tried disconnecting the power but no picture still.

  5. Tv works fine but no youtube. Tried unplugging, waiting then plugged in again no change. Remote doesn’t bring up everything. HELP!

  6. When I went to turn on tv it didn’t go on and the white light showing power on is blinking white. I I’m plugged restarted Turned on snd off from remote and side of tv. Just goes on and no picture no per except white blinking light

  7. my remote will not work right on my tv. It’s the original remote control that came with the tv. the remote does not turn the volume down and it will turn Netflix on but will not play a movie nor move forward just backwards


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