How to Fix SUDS Error Code on Samsung Washing Machine?

The Samsung washing machine Suds error code is generally caused by a few reasons. Unlike other error codes, this code is not caused by your washing machine’s malfunctioning. It is just a result of using the wrong washing detergent or too much detergent, or not giving enough time the detergent to dissolve properly in the washer. If your Samsung washing machine give the Sud error code, it means that it has been detected an over sud condition and the suds exceeded the general level in the machine’s drum. More explicitly, this means that your washing machine is diminishing the foaming. The washing machine will just stop for 5 or 10 minutes enough to allow the suds for depleting and the washing cycle to go on.

What do you do when your washing machine says sud?

Samsung washing machines have a foaming control setting. If the suds of the machine gets excessive, the machine converts to the mode reducing this sud. And the Sud error code imply the washer can not reduce the suds, so the machine needs some time for the foam to dissipate the suds normally.

The Reason for the Suds Error code in the Samsung Washing Machines

Samsung Washer SUD or 5UD error code. How to fix it?
Samsung Washer SUD or 5UD error code. How to fix it?

This error code is usually caused by using too much detergent, or the wrong type of the detergent.

The error show up if you do one of the below
If the foam level sensor is broken
If you use poor quality powder
If you use an excessive portion of detergent for one washing cycle
If you use a washing powder which is not suitable for automatic washing machines
If you use concentrated powder and cause excessive sud which the washing machine can not deal with
If the pressure switch is broken
If there are some blockage , in the hose, branch pipe, sewer

Before you think about these problems, check out your washing powder. The problem can be solved by just changing it.

How to Fix the Error?

Most of the people think that much soap clear better so they add more detergent to their washing machines. But actually, this is not case. You just need enough HE soap to lubricate the laundry so that they can wash against each other and the laundry will release the soils or stains. If you add to much soap in your washing machine, this can create a Suds lock and lock the soils and the stains to your fabrics. If your Samsung washing machine shows the Sud error code, you can follow these action below:

1. Wait fort he suds to dissipate. The washing cycle will continue automatically. Then press the start button.
2. After wash cycle is completed, clean the drain filter.
3. Then run your Samsung washing machine without loading any clothes in it, set a long wash cycle and high temperature and clear away the excessive powder.
4. Change your detergent when you detected an oversud condition instantly.

What is HE detergent?

What is HE detergent?
What is HE detergent?

The HE detergent means high efficiency detergent. You have to use only the HE detergents in your washing machine. The HE detergent is specially designed to function in the front load type washing machines. Because, the front load washing machines do not use much detergent as the top load washing machines. The manufacture recommend to use a certain amount detergent in your washing machine. Most of the time, even this amount is too much for your machine.

In the past, washing machine used up to 40 gallons of water for each wash cycle. And that is a lot water. They needed more detergent to clean the laundry.

But today, washing machines use less than half of that amount. They use 11 to 15 gallons for each wash cycle. So, if you are using too much soap, this simply means more suds in your washing machines.

HD detergents include these;

  • Boosters
  • More strong cleaning factors
  • Fabric softeners (but only in some brands of washers)
  • Stain fighters

If your Samsung washing machine shows the Suds error code, but there is not sud in the drum, firstly, turn of your machine. Take out your laundry from the machine; if your door is locked, do not try to open the locked door, and with the emergency drain, drain the water in the machin. Then clean the drain filter. To check it, start your machine.

Clean the drain and the drum from powder residue properly. If the Suds error code show up during the wash cycle again, the foam level sensor is probably defect. This sensor does not exist in every washing machine model. In others machines, sometimes the water level sensor perform this function instead. You can not repair the foam level sensor, you have to change it.

How to change the foam level sensor?

How to change the foam level sensor?
How to change the foam level sensor?

First, turn of the water and unplug your Samsung washing machine. Remove the top lid. In the top corner of the washing machine, find the water level sensor, and remove the air duct. Then disconnect the wires and put in the new part. After you are done, reinstall the parts of washing the machine again.

Sometimes if there is any partial blockage in the washing machine’s hose or the branch pipe, the Sud error code can be shown. Then you have to clean these parts of the machine. You can disconnect the drain hose from the washing machine and clean it with a cleaning wire. To clean the branch pipe, you have to take it out of the washing machine. You can find it at the bottom of the washing machine.

To change the sensor, first put the washing machine on its side. If there is any bottom, remove it carefully and unloose the pipes of the washer, which connect the branch pipe with the pump and the tub. Then wash the part clearly and after you are done, reinstall it.

If you still see the Suds error code in your washing machine while there is not any sud in the machine’s drum. Maybe the foam level sensor can be broken. In this situation, you have to change the foam level sensor.

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