How to Fix Remote Controls Not Working? 3 Easy Steps

Usually, the most common issue we face with the remote controls is their failure to control the appliances. Often, you can solve this problem just using the right remote control. But, if your remote control is universal, you have to be sure that your remote control is using the correct commands to the correct appliances.

Other common defects that may cause a remote control to work improperly, might be the some buttons which doesn’t work, an electronic glitch in the remote control, a faulty remote, a faulty remote sensor on TV, or an eroded batteries. This guide below can help fix a TV, DVD player, blu-ray, satellite receiver or an audio receiver.

How To Fix Remote Control Buttons
How To Fix Remote Control Buttons

Step 1

Be Sure You Are Using the Correct Remote Control

Make sure the remote control you’re using is the correct remote control for your Tv or other appliance. For example, if your device is Sony, then be sure your are using the Sony remote control.

Step 2

When Was The Last Time You Replaced The Remote’s Batteries?

The battery of the remote control might be low. If you think that your remote is defective or fail to control your appliances, low or dead batteries might be the cause of this.

How to replace batteries in the remote
How to replace batteries in the remote

How to replace batteries in the remote?

  • Open the back cover on the back of your remote
  • Remove the both low or dead batteries
  • Replace the batteries with new ones
  • Close the back cover over the batteries
  • Try to remote to make sure it is working properly

Step 3

1. Open Your Remote Control

2. Take a Picture of the button places before you open the remote

Usually, the remote controls have three main parts,

  • A plastic cover (both bottom and top)
  • A motherboard
  • Rubber buttons

If you don’t have the instruction manual of the remote, taking a picture of the remote with your phone or drawing a diagram of it may be the best thing you can do. Also, note down the positions of the screws on the remote because putting back the screws can be difficult if you don’t have the pictures or drawings of all of them.

3. Find the screws in the remote control

Most of the remotes are not the same. They usually have a few screws in the back. You can use a mini screwdriver to remove them. If there aren’t any screws on the back, you can look at the battery part under the stickers. Note: Be careful while you removing the screws.

4. Remove the batteries out of the remote control

Open the back cover of the remote to remove the batteries. This will shut down the controller. Before using any fluid for the electrical components, alwaysbe sure you shut down the controller like this.

5. Clean the motherboard and the rubber buttons with water and soap

Clean the motherboard and the rubber buttons with water and soap
Clean the motherboard and the rubber buttons with water and soap

Fill a small bowl with warm water and add some dishwash liquid. Remote controls may have single buttons or a plastic sheet with all the buttons linked. Remove the single buttons or the plastic sheet and put it to the bowl with the warm water. Soak the buttons and rub them with a soft, clean brush. Pay strict attention to those small buttons, wash and clean them properly. Scrub any apparent junks properly.

6. Rinse the rubber buttons or the plastic sheet (preferably under the running water)

Rinse all the buttons or the plastic sheet with warm water. It is better to do this in a kitchen sink because you don’t lose the small button parts in this way. Dry all the buttons with a paper towel or normal towel. Then test the buttons. If the buttons feels sticky, then scrub them over again. Look for any junks which can cause them to stop working properly.

7. Put the buttons to dry

Put the rubber buttons to dry in the open air. It is better to keep them away out of the direct sunlight. Note: Be sure the buttons of the remote control are properly dry before you emplace them into the remote control, otherwise the moisture may harm circuitry.

8. Clean the rubber buttons with rubbing alcohol

While washing the the rubber buttons, clean the motherboard with rubbing alcohol. Pay extra attention to those which aren’t works properly. Rubbing alcohol is a good way to clean the electrical devices .Damp a piece of cotton with rubbing alcohol wipe down any debris inside of the remote control. Be sure the piece of the cotton isn’t so watery or you might apply more rubbing alcohol than you should. Note: The electrical parts are gentle usually. So, use the rubbing alcohol with a very soft material like cotton ball.

9. Reassemble the remote control and test it

Reassemble all the parts correctly and be sure you have the right buttons in the right places and right way round. Receive help from the picture you’ve taken before or the drawing if you forget the right places of the rubber buttons. When you are done, put the batteries back and test it to see if it works properly or not. If the rubber buttons still does not work, you might have to replace the remote control.

Other Methods To Try

Cleaning the Battery Terminals

  1. Use safety equipments while working; After you try everything, if your remote still does not work, you may need to check the batteries also. If there is battery acid in your remote control, this might be hard to clean. So, put your gloves firstly. Also wear long sleeved shirts.
  2. Use lemon juice or vinegar to clean: Remove the batteries out of the remote control. With a cotton, spread the vinegar or the lemon juice around. Scrub the decay using the cotton. First, wipe the decay off batteries, then apply this to the battery chamber in the remote. After, check the remote if you miss any decay. If you need, you can use an old toothbrush or pencil eraser to find anything you couldn’t remove with the cotton.

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