How To Fix A Leaking Refrigerator

How to Fix a Leaking Refrigerator?

When a refrigerator is leaking water, there may be many causes for this. Water leaking from a refrigerator often caused by a clog in the evaporater drain line, high humidity, leaving the refrigerator door open for long periods of time or your water may not be able to reach the drain due to being leveled incorrectly.Firstly, you have to know why your refrigerator is leaking water. Then, try the DIY fixes and stop the water leaking pretty easily.

Security Warning: Remember unplug your fridge from power supply before any troubleshooting.

Clogged Defrost Drain

Clogged Defrost Drain
Clogged Defrost Drain

Check your defrost drain for a blockage. When the defrost drain ( It is placed at the back of the freezer on most refrigerators) is blocked—due to a food piece, dinner remains or ice —your appliance will has to work overtime. And if the refrigerator drain clogged or blocked, the water can’t go anywhere and overflow. So, it causes a water leaking. Open your freezer and be sure nothing blocks the defrost drain. If it’s clogged by somethings, just move things around until air can flow freely, and then wait until a day or two to see if the issue’s been solved. If this still doesn’t work, clean up the drain hole using a turkey baster with hot water. When the drain hole is clear of any blockages you will see that your refrigerator start up normally again.

Refrigerator Door Left Open

If the refrigerator door was left open frequently or for a long period of time, the refrigerator gradually pile up water due to the warmer air coming in. This overpower the evaporator system in your refrigerator and water leaks may occur.  Simply do not leave your fridge door open for long period of time and be sure you don’t leave the door open frequently.

High Humid Air

High levels of humidity in the room or air can effect your refrigerator more than you expected. It piles up the existing water in the fridge and cause a water leaking. It is a pretty common issue on excessively humid days. If possible, try to limit the number of times the door is open and closed. So, you can minimize the amount of warm and humid air that enter into the interior of your refrigerator. Also, clean out the drain pan to evaporates water faster. This accelerate the evaporation process and eliminate the water leaking in the refrigerator.

Water Inlet Valve

Water Inlet Valve
Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve supply water to the dispenser and ice maker. If the water inlet valve be damaged or loose, It may cause water leaks. Check the water inlet valve for damages or cracks, and be sure that it is tightly fixed to the water supply line. If you see any leaks, tighten up the leaking area or repair and replace parts or components that is leaking.

The Water Filter Head

The water filter head may be damaged or the seal may be torn or missing. Check the water filter for cracks. If you find out any cracks in the water filter, remove and replace it.

Leveling The Refrigerator

Leveling The Refrigerator
Leveling The Refrigerator

Check to make sure the floor under the refrigerator is level. If your refrigerator is completely even or tipped slightly forward, the water can not flow into the drain. Adjust the front legs so that the refrigerator tips back slightly. That bend makes the door swing closed after you turn away from the refrigerator also.

Follow these steps to level your refrigerator and stop the leaking water
Remove the grill at the bottom front of the refrigerator. To remove the grille, grab each side and pull straight forward.
Unscrew the front legs carefully. But don’t take them off.
Put the refrigerator down.
Use a level on the front edge of the refrigerator to make sure the legs are even.

You may need to repeat this process a few times to get the leveling rightly. Also, you can check if your refrigerator is even or not by partially opening the door and walking ways. On a properly leveled fridge, the door should close by itself without you having to do anything.

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